Baggage allowances

Baggage allowance (checked baggage)
Checked Baggage: Means baggage of which BH Air takes sole custody of and for which BH Air has issued a baggage check issued by the handling agent. Upon delivery to BH Air of baggage to be checked, BH Air shall take custody thereof. BH Air will thereupon make an appropriate entry on the ticket /if paper ticket is issued/, which shall constitute the issue of the baggage check. Baggage identification tags, which are issued by BH Air in addition to the baggage check, are for identification purposes only.
All valuables items or documents e.g. House keys, Passport, etc. must not be packed in checked baggage, they should be packed in cabin baggage.
•        Free Baggage Allowance:
Passengers (excluding infants) traveling on BH Air flights, has the free baggage allowance, unless otherwise advised, 20 kg.
Charges for “Excess baggage” – GBP 10,00 / EURO 12.00 per kg per leg.
No single piece of baggage should weigh more than 30 kgs.

Hand baggage
For safety reasons, only one piece of hand baggage per passenger will be allowed into the aircraft cabin and this item must weigh not more than 7 kgs with total dimensions not to exceed 60x40x30 cm. The bag should be of a size to fit under the seat in front or in the overhead locker. Passengers will be asked to display their hand-baggage at check-in to ensure that it is suitable to be carried aboard the aircraft. Any outsize or overweight items of hand baggage will be taken from the passenger, tagged and placed in the aircraft hold to be reclaimed from the baggage belt at the destination airport.